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Your transmission takes the power from your engine and transfers it to your tires to get you to where you need to go. When your transmission is out for the count and in need of servicing, our team at Advanced Distribution has the know-how to get your fleet vehicle back up and running. It’s always best to pay attention to the warning signs that give you a heads up and tell you when it’s time to have your transmission serviced.

Here are some signs that tell you when it’s time to give us a visit:

Red or pink fluid on the ground

Transmission fluid is a red or pinkish color. If you see this fluid on the ground beneath your fleet vehicle, your transmission could be leaking fluid and it’s time to have it serviced. When transmission fluid has been exposed to high temperatures the fluid will be brown or black.

Rough gear shifting

If your fleet vehicle is shifting rough between gears or refusing to change gears at all, this is a classic warning sign that your transmission needs to be looked at.

Strange noises like whining or clunking

Weird and unusual noises coming from your fleet vehicle can resemble humming, buzzing, whining or clunking. Clunking noises typically occur when shifting gears and is a big indicator that the transmission or differential is the source of the problem.

The differential has the job of providing power to your drive wheels, and balancing the power that each wheel receives. When it’s doing it’s job, the differential helps keep your tires from skidding by allowing the drive wheels to operate at different speeds when turning. Like anything, the differential will eventually show signs of wear and tear.

The best indicator that your differential is failing is a “clunk” noise from your axel area when shifting from drive to reverse and back again. If you hear a strange noise, bring your fleet vehicle in for a look over immediately. Complete failure of the differential could result in a disabled drivetrain.