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The steering and suspension system in your fleet vehicle is responsible for maintaining complete control over your vehicle. The suspension provides a smooth and comfortable ride, ease of braking, and most importantly, control over your vehicle. When your suspension goes out the ride gets rougher and the nose of your vehicle can dive when braking hard. Control over the front end of the vehicle deteriorates and it becomes a safety hazard. While we do not perform alignments, we do replace all the parts that are associated with steering, suspension and brakes. A great time to have this system checked out is anytime your tires are removed from your fleet vehicle.

Whether the tires are off your vehicle or not, we have all the parts needed to repair and replace your steering, suspension and brakes system: rack and pinion assembly, bushing, tired rod ends, spindle, ball joints, shock absorbers, and more.

There are warning signs to watch for when driving that can give you a heads up that your suspension needs to be checked out. Overall, if at any time you don’t feel like you’re in complete control of your fleet vehicle, whether it’s the steering or suspension, it’s important to get it checked out right away.


Warning signs to watch for:

  • The car is pulling to one side
  • You notice excessive bouncing or swaying, even at low speeds
  • Your car is not sitting level
  • Your car is simply not handling well on the road
  • The steering is erratic
  • You notice uneven tire wear
  • The car wanders when driving down even the straightest of roads
  • You notice oil leaking from the suspension system area

Whether it’s your brakes, steering or suspension system parts that needs replacing or repairing, we have all the parts to keep your fleet up and running.