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Whether it’s a part replacement or modification, our team has the parts and capability to repair or update your fleet trailer. Your trailer plays a crucial role in your day to day fleet operations. Trailers bear the weight of your load and it’s important that they are in proper working order, so as to ensure the safety of the driver and what you're hauling. Don’t put off repairing worn out parts on your fleet trailer. It’s not worth the safety risk, or the unscheduled down time.

A common heavy duty trailer repair is fabricating and replacing the weight bearing undercarriage beams that become worn out and damaged. This occurs from normal day to day wear and tear, and it requires new beams being fabricated and replaced. We have welders on staff that are experienced with aluminum and steel fabrication.

If it’s frame work you need, we’ve got you covered. Your trailer is built to carry heavy loads, but just like anything else it requires repairs and replaced parts. Every material has an elastic zone and yield strength. Whether you have a steel or aluminum trailer, as long as the yield strength isn’t exceeded, the material will yield and come back. When the yield strength is exceeded, it won’t go back to its original shape and breakage occurs. Fatigue wears down your trailer frame until a part breaks.

Sometimes it’s not fatigue that maxes out your trailer, but it can be road conditions, accidents, or breakage from regular wear and tear. Whatever it is, our team can handle design, fabrication, and installation for roll-offs, dumps, lowboys, flatbed trailers, and other trailers. Whatever your fleet trailer need is, we can find a solution to get you back up and running.

We have all the parts to service your trailer frame, walls, floor, roof, suspension, axel, spindles, undercarriage beams and more.